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Our COVID-19 Business Practices

Greater Heights Business Practices surrounding COVID-19

For Our Safety:
  • Employees shall refrain from congregating in the office. Job briefings and safety meetings will be held outdoors using a minimum of 6' distance from each other.
  • Employees will make every effort to maintain 6’ of distance between each other on job sites.
  • Employees will disinfect daily truck cabs, equipment operating controls and office daily.
  • Employees will utilize ratio of one truck per each employee.
  • Employees will NOT share PPE, food or water.
  • Employees will carry disinfecting wipes as part of their PPE.
  • Masks will be issued as part of employees PPE.
  • Office staff will work from home as much as possible.
  • Employees wash and/or disinfect their hands often: after using the bathroom, before eating. Employees will avoid touching their faces.

For Our Client's Safety:
  • Greater Heights staff will NOT come to your door. We will communicate via cell phone as needed to provide updates of pertinent information.
  • If meeting in person is necessary, Greater Heights staff will maintain a 6’ minimum to comply with social distancing mandates.
  • Greater Heights staff will/can continue to provide assessments/estimates utilizing electronic (email) means and cell phone.
  • Greater Heights staff will wear masks upon request from clients.

COVID-19 Information

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