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Deep Root Fertilization

Your trees and shrubs provide your property with beauty and comfort. You must be doing everything possible to protect your beautiful landscape. But how do you know if they have healthy root systems? Though most homeowners do not think about it, the grass is not the only part of your lawn that needs to be fertilized! Deep root fertilization is explicitly created for trees and shrubs to receive the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. .

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The answers to your deep root feeding questions and more will be covered here.

What Is Deep Root Feeding?

Deep root feeding uses a root zone injector pipe to apply a unique blend of essential nutrients. This blend is injected under the soil’s surface, deep down where the tree or shrub roots are located and absorbed into the root zone. Deep root fertilization reduces the possibility of all the nutrients becoming absorbed by your yard’s grassroots system, being washed out by the water, or blown away by the wind.

Deep Root Feeding does not work on small shrubs or grass since these plants have short roots that cling to the soil’s surface. Large trees and shrubs have deep roots that are looking for resources deep down under the surface. When they cannot find the nutrients they need to survive, you will notice a decline in their health. Since the fertilizer needs to be put deeper into the ground, this process requires special equipment and is usually done by a lawn care professional or arborist.

What Are Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization?

Deep Root Feeding will benefit your trees and shrubs in many ways, including:

  • It rejuvenates and improves soil structure.
  • It reduces soil compaction around trees and shrubs, making it easier for the root systems to absorb oxygen, water, and nutrients.
  • It stimulates root and stem growth, allowing roots to grow faster and stronger.
  • Trees and shrubs will develop a better resistance to plant diseases and are not as vulnerable to pests.

What Are Signs That My Trees Need Deep Root Fertilization?

Here are some signs that your trees and shrubs require Deep Root Feeding:

  • Your trees and shrubs are growing in very compacted soil. Oxygen, water, and nutrients are less likely to penetrate the soil and reach the root system.
  • Trees and shrubs are unable to get enough nutrients from their surrounding area.
  • Branches and leaves of your trees and shrubs show signs of growth stress or severe root damage.

Will Fertilizer I Already Use On My Lawn Work For My Trees?

Your grass is absorbing all the nutrients from your lawn fertilizer, resulting in your trees absorbing little or no fertilizer. It is best to consider deep root feeding to give your trees and shrubs the boost they need in.

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